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“Brent Peterson has an excellent way of connecting with his audience. He comes across relaxed, confident, and is clearly an expert on the subject matter.

An excellent storyteller, Brent blends fantastic examples to support his strategies. It's obvious that Brent is passionate about helping people and he has chosen the perfect field to do so.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Graceful Habits?
The purpose of this platform is to equip you with habits to fill your daily life with great joy and impact.

When we first choose to be happy, we position ourselves to inspire others at home, in the workplace, and in our communities. We then experience and share the adventure and joy of life like never before!
How often do blog subscribers receive email updates?
Blog subscribers automatically receive a copy of new blog posts via email when published. New blog posts are planned for twice a week starting in summer 2015.
What are the discussion categories on the blog?
Blog posts are grouped into the following areas of practice:

1. Personal Growth
2. Family Life
3. Community Engagement
4. Career Impact
5. Technology Use

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Why the focus on habits?
It is estimated by Duke University research that over 40% of our choices in life every day are habit driven. And that’s not counting our thought processes which are cued up all day long by some other thought or reaction – often to something we hear or see at home, work or in the community.

So it is fair to say, the majority of our thoughts, meditations, prayers and actions are habit driven. Furthermore, based on research at MIT, every habit has a set loop:

Cue –> Routine –> Reward

For example, when the alarm clock goes off in the morning, it cues up a routine to get out of bed. The reward (even as painful as Monday morning may be) is to get to the gym or work on time. When taken in the context of grace, the cues to feel loved and to act out of love for one another are all around us. That’s what this website is about!

Other questions or ideas?
Please do not not hesitate to contact me directly via the Graceful Habits Contact Page. Additional questions are published on the Graceful Habits FAQs Page for your reference.

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To enable growth of the Graceful Habits platform, I also create inexpensive resources to help you put graceful habits into practice starting today.

(For a summary of resources used for this website, such as the WordPress theme, please discover the Graceful Habits Resources Page)

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